How Close You Are To Losing Your Diamond

Would you prefer to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing your lost diamond or would you prefer to learn right now how you can save yourself from this rather expensive endeavor. My friend if you have lots of money to throw away you may stop reading now. However if you value your hard earned income, you’d better read on. Maintenance A Must For Your Diamond Piece Just like the disc/brake pads on your car or the soles of ...
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Why Has Your White Gold Jewellery Changed It’s Colour?

White gold jewellery has grown in popularity with jewel lovers over the years, and many are attracted by its white platinum-like appearance. From engagement rings to beautiful necklaces, almost everyone wants to get their hands on piece of white gold jewellery. While you may enjoy several months to just over a year or maybe more (depending on how rigorous  it’s worn) of this white lustrous appearance, you may soon  notice that your jewellery begins to look like faint yellow. Don’t ...
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Cash For Gold Phenomenon Explained

Whether in Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, the USA , you name it there is a huge appetite for gold. Why is everyone going crazy over this yellow metal? Well since the crash of the stock market in 2008 investors have fled to “safe haven assets” like treasury notes, oil, gold and other precious metals. However gold has outperformed all other assets in this class given the heavy demand for the precious metal which  peaked around US$1,900.00. per ounce in 2011. Wow! ...
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