Why Has Your White Gold Jewellery Changed It’s Colour?

White gold jewellery has grown in popularity with jewel lovers over the years, and many are attracted by its white platinum-like appearance. From engagement rings to beautiful necklaces, almost everyone wants to get their hands on piece of white gold jewellery.

While you may enjoy several months to just over a year or maybe more (depending on how rigorous  it’s worn) of this white lustrous appearance, you may soon  notice that your jewellery begins to look like faint yellow. Don’t worry though, it’s not that you have been cheated but rather you may not have been told or made aware that most white gold jewellery on the market today is plated with rhodium – a platinum group metal that is white in colour. This coating gives your jewellery a bright white platinum look.

Perhaps you may be disappointed that the colour has changed but white gold is not white, it’s usually a very pale yellow. The good news is that it can be restored. A visit to your local jeweller to explain what has happened and that you would like to have the rhodium finish restored would make you a happy camper once again. You may email us at info@ambojewels.com for a free quote for restoration or any related queries. We would be happy to perform this task for you at our studio if you’re in Barbados.