How Close You Are To Losing Your Diamond

Would you prefer to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing your lost diamond or would you prefer to learn right now how you can save yourself from this rather expensive endeavor. My friend if you have lots of money to throw away you may stop reading now. However if you value your hard earned income, you’d better read on.


Maintenance A Must For Your Diamond Piece

Just like the disc/brake pads on your car or the soles of your shoes, your jewellery experiences wear and tear. Hence over time the settings that secure your diamonds either wear down to the point where they no longer can keep the diamond in place or become broken altogether. It is at this point that your diamond is most vulnerable to falling out and only a visit to your local Jeweller to have the setting repaired or replaced will prevent you from losing that expensive piece.

Prevention Is Cheaper Than Replacement

The secret to preventing such a costly loss is the have your diamond jewellery inspected at least every six months. Very often I have come into contact with pieces brought in for cleaning or other services and ninety percent of the time I have discovered loose diamonds and was able to secure them before they come loose at a later date, hence saving the client that great expense of replacement. What happens if you’re among the majority who ignore this important aspect of jewel care? Yes you guessed it right! You may be very close to losing that sparkling beauty. Remember it’s cheaper to have it checked and secured than to lose it and replace it.