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Ambo Jewel Care & Design Studio is a company which boasts over 20 years in the jewellery industry manufacturing, repairing and retailing of gold, silver, platinum and precious stone jewellery. Quality, functionality, durability and superlative creativity stand proudly at the pinnacle of our business model with a primary goal of exceeding our clients' expectations with superior products and services. We pride ourselves in our solutions based approach which entails providing our clients with all they need to know when seeking to purchase a piece of jewellery, whether it's that sparkling piece used to "Pop The Question" or a simple piece to commemorate a special occasion. Knowledge is power and in the jewellery industry, there are numerous nuances that can impact the life and beauty of your piece as well as the effect it has on you and your health. Being armed with pertinent knowledge can make the world of a difference between making a disastrous purchase and a piece that's carefully designed and crafted with your specific type of lifestyle and purpose of your purchase in mind. Therefore, our focus is first and foremost on educating the client and assisting them with making the best possible decision, even if it means that they wind up making their purchase elsewhere, we would much prefer for the client to purchase what they need as opposed to what someone wants to sell them. While we do enjoy making sales it delights us more to make a client smile with exuberance by giving them the best possible advice we can which consequently enables them to make the best possible decision when purchasing that special piece. Our team is lead by an amazing professional in the industry who works like a jeweller but thinks like an engineer, accredited by the Gemological Institute of America and bringing with him over 20 years experience at the bench, our clients benefit from a profound commitment to quality and durability as well as a strong emphasis on functionality in each piece designed and created. The best possible materials are ethically sourced for the job while ensuring that your health, daily activities, as well as your environmental and social concerns, are taken into account. Care and maintenance are critical to the life of any piece and no one pays more attention to this principle than Ambo Jewel Care & Design Studio, whether it's by giving you some Do-It-Yourself jewel care tips or through our care and maintenance program, we know best how to keep that piece in tip-top shape.

Our Services

We endeavour to provide our clients with the all the services related to the proper care and maintenance that is required to keep their pieces in the best possible shape. Ultimately, we offer a suite of services which allows our clients to enjoy the privilege of transforming their imagination into reality.

Bridal Jewellery

Choosing that ring for the significant other is no easy task and being equipped with the knowledge needed to make the right decision is imperative. After providing you with that knowledge we would be happy to introduce you to the wide variety of bridal ring options which best fits your needs.

Custom Pieces

See your idea come to life through our expert design and fabrication team.

Cad Services

Class rings, custom bridal rings and family heirlooms are just a few of the items which are expertly designed by our Cad department.


We understand how sentimental and valuable jewellery can be to you, therefore our workshop is equipped to repair a wide array of precious metals as well as replace diamonds and other precious stones.


Know Your Stuff

Knowledge is power and being educated about your purchase puts you in the driver's seat and eliminates costly mistakes encountered by making uninformed decisions.

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Take Control

Being armed with enough information relative to your purchase gives you the ability to confidently convey your needs when making a purchase of that special piece.

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Get what you want

Your expression of assertiveness and demonstration of sound knowledge is key to persuading your sales rep to give you what you want and not what they want to sell you.

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